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Important points and maintenance to check on your vehicle as summer approaches

As the summer sun begins to show its warm side, holiday plans begin to be made and travels become inevitable. These journeys are most comfortable and enjoyable in personal vehicles. In order for your vehicle to carry you safely during the summer months, some important maintenance needs to be done. As summer approaches, the important points you should check in your vehicle increase your driving safety and prevent possible problems. In our guide, we cover some important maintenance points that you should consider to prepare your vehicle for the summer season. So, let’s learn about the parts of your vehicle and all the maintenance that needs to be done!


Vehicle maintenance is of great importance for the health, performance and safety of your vehicle. Therefore, every vehicle owner needs to take care of his vehicle carefully and meticulously. Vehicle maintenance ensures the safety of your vehicle. Brake systems, tires , lights, wipers and other important parts are checked regularly to prevent potential dangers. A well-maintained vehicle offers a safer driving experience. Regular vehicle maintenance also serves to increase the performance of your vehicle. Periodic replacement of engine oil, filters, spark plugs and other parts keeps your vehicle running more efficiently. In addition to improving fuel efficiency, this prevents power loss and enables your vehicle to perform better.

Maintenance is also effective in making your vehicle last longer. For example, changing the oil regularly reduces engine wear, allowing it to run smoothly for longer. On the other hand, small problems in vehicles that are not maintained become larger and require more expensive repairs. Vehicle maintenance preserves the value of your vehicle. If you are considering selling your vehicle, a vehicle with regular maintenance records and in good condition becomes more attractive to potential buyers. Vehicles that are not maintained lose value and become a risky choice for buyers.

Since it is a legal obligation for vehicles to undergo regular maintenance and inspections, it also prevents maintenance fines. These controls aim to control emission levels, meet safety standards and ensure compliance with traffic. Regular vehicle maintenance ensures compliance with legal requirements. For this reason, it is recommended that every vehicle owner fulfill all his obligations and have his vehicle serviced. Thus, a safer and more enjoyable driving experience is experienced.


It is recommended that you do some important maintenance for your vehicles during the summer months. Thanks to these maintenances, the vehicle shows higher performance and quality operation. Thus, an extremely comfortable experience is experienced on long and short journeys. Tires, air conditioning, engine oil, filter, cooling system, brake system and many other parts need to be maintained in detail. In this context, you can consider the following criteria:


You should check your tires regularly during the summer months. You should start the process by checking the wear level and pressure of the tires. You should check whether your tires have sufficient tread and replace them if necessary. In this way, you can have a more controlled and safe travel experience on long journeys.


Your air conditioning system also needs to work properly during the summer months. Regularly cleaning and changing the air conditioner filter is also important in terms of maintenance.


Having the engine oil and oil filter checked regularly and replaced if necessary is among the maintenance that should be done as summer approaches. The engine heats up more in hot weather. Therefore, the correct oil level and the use of quality oil are of great importance.


The cooling system must also work properly to prevent the vehicle’s engine from overheating in hot weather. You should check the water level in the radiator and add water when necessary. On the other hand, it is also very important to check the leaks in the radiator and the condition of the hoses.


The brake system is also critical for your safety. You should check the brake fluid level by replacing worn pads. It’s healthier this way


During the summer months, glass can become invisible as we often deal with dust and insects. To ensure effective visibility, it is important to ensure that your windshield wipers are working properly. If they are worn, you should install new wipers. This way, you can set out in a healthier and better quality way.


High temperatures act to discharge the battery faster. Therefore, you should check the battery terminals and make sure that the connections are not loose. If the battery is weak or has reached the end of its life, you should replace it.


You should regularly check your filters, such as air filter and pollen filter. You should clean or replace them thoroughly. Clean air flow is important for engine performance and indoor air quality .

The above are some of the basic vehicle maintenance you should do in the summer months. Apart from these, you should also pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations for vehicle maintenance, depending on the brand and model of your vehicle.

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