8 tips for taking care of your car in the summer

If you own a car , it’s no secret that taking care of it is essential not only to increase its useful life, but also to ensure it remains shiny and beautiful at all times.

But when we reach summer, a time marked by a very strong and “scorching” sun combined with considerable rain, care must be even greater! This is because the chances of having a problem are high — be it with the paintwork, the bodywork, the tires or the engine, the interior or some system of the car.

And when we talk about bodywork in general, in the vast majority of cases it is not enough to just wash the car frequently, there are other points that you need to analyze and apply on a daily basis, not to mention the chance of having to keep the vehicle stationary. So, you know, all possible care is very welcome!

For those of you who want to know how to take good care of your car during this period of intense heat, we invite you to follow this content and find out everything about each of the tips we have put together for you.

Ah, it’s worth remembering that here it doesn’t matter if you have a new , pre-owned or used car, car care in the summer is always essential, ok? So check out our 8 daily care tips with us!

1. Give preference to parking in the shade

One of the essential tips for anyone who wants to know how to take care of their car during intensely sunny days is to look for a good spot in the shade. This, in itself, is enough to avoid several problems in the interior and also in the paintwork of your vehicle, which is why it is the first one we will bring!

Stains that may remain on the vehicle body are characterized by the appearance of the paint peeling off. But beyond just being ugly, this can generate a huge additional cost and a huge headache.

So start by knowing how to take care of your car’s paintwork , and this is done by having a good spot in the shade whenever possible. It may be boring looking for a place to park, but you can be sure that it is much better to spend extra time looking for a space without sun than having to pay for the cost of painting your car.

Furthermore, a golden tip for all times is to have good car insurance by your side while you are parked to avoid losses that a collision, accident or theft could cause to you and your budget!

2. Keeping an eye on the air

One of the hardest things during hot weather is driving for a long time without our dear friend air conditioning at your side. So, don’t forget to check it out and see if the system is working properly before going into traffic or even traveling!

And to make the best use of it, leave the windows open when you get into the car to circulate the air and change the internal temperature, drive for about two blocks and only then turn on the air. Arriving at your destination, turn off when you are close — about two minutes or so — to not only save fuel , but also avoid a thermal shock when leaving the vehicle.

3. Use a windshield protector or cover

Did you know that when a car is exposed to direct sunshine, the interior temperature can rise by up to 10 degrees?

Therefore, another good tip on how to take care of your car when parking is to use a good windshield protector, the one with a reflective silver color, you know? It is enough so that the sun’s rays do not enter the vehicle, which makes it a great way to reflect light and heat, making it less hot inside your car!

And if you’re going to be standing still for a long time, a good protective cover is also a good option if it’s not possible to stop in the shade. This way you protect the bodywork and avoid problems, such as the stains on the paint mentioned above.

Also remember to wax your car every six months, on average, whether in summer or other seasons. This way you generate more shine and create good protection for the paint.

4. Check the radiator fluid level and engine temperature

The radiator is a piece of equipment that eliminates heat from the water to keep the engine temperature controlled. If the fluid in the system is too low, the engine will become very hot and may end up melting, which will cause a huge headache. In a circumstance like this, it will be needed to change the engine or fix some elements, in other words, it is a very big financial outlay.

Therefore, the most recommended thing is to take care of the car’s engine and, if you see that the temperature is too high, stop the car until the level drops, at which point you can start driving again. If this does not happen, the best choice is to contact your insurance and request a tow truck to a workshop to determine the root of the problem and cure it.

5. Check the battery charge

During the summer, the car battery’s charge tends to empty faster, you know? What’s more: this gets worse if you have the air conditioning on when you start, as this can cause problems starting the engine, and then the battery starts to discharge more easily.

On the other hand, whether it is a used car or not, heat can also cause the battery’s internal fluid to begin to evaporate. Consequently, an accumulation of dirt can occur that impacts the battery’s functioning. So remember to remove accumulated dust and thoroughly clean the entire battery, base and terminals to avoid further problems.

6. Change your windshield wipers

While we have a lot of sun throughout the summer, we also have a lot of rain. And aside not being the right attitude according to the Traffic Code (CTB), having a worn windshield wiper will be hazardous to your driving, as your visibility will be hampered with all the water on the glass!

So don’t waste time and change your wipers, especially if they are worn out and/or the rubber is dry. Don’t forget to take all precautions when driving in the rain to increase your protection, okay?

7. Pay attention to your tires

Something very common in vehicles — whether they are pre-owned , new or used cars — is the influence of hot asphalt on the tires and this happens as the air tends to expand due to the heat, which can mask or alter the pressure of your tire. After all, tires can gain or lose pressure very easily due to heat.

So pay attention to the exact calibration for your vehicle and, preferably, calibrate in the morning, before traveling around the city a lot. But if you feel that the car is skidding or has stability problems, it may be time to change your tire ; Therefore, take it to the tire repair shop as soon as possible to overcome this situation.

8. Are you going to wash the car? Leave it in the shade!

If you are the type of person who has a cleaning routine even at home, taking care of your car and keeping it shining at all times by washing and applying the appropriate products, a golden tip is to keep it in the shade during the process.

If you leave it in the sun, the bodywork will heat up and the chance of water and other products evaporating is very high, which can cause permanent stains on your paintwork; This kind of problem is something nobody wants, right?

To get around this, simply place it in the shade, which will be enough to make you more comfortable as it is not under the strong sun. This way everything is resolved and you avoid problems!

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