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How to take care of your car and protect it during Carnival

Do you want to enjoy Carnival, but decided to go by car to the festivities and don’t want to have anything to worry about? There are some essential tips for taking the greatest care and protection possible with your vehicle, which we have listed for you through this content!

You blinked and, yes, Carnival is coming again! So all that moment of joy, revelry and enjoyment is getting closer to us again, which is great for us to take some time off and make the most of it. But of course you won’t go to your block, party, or wherever you want to enjoy yourself, without taking a series of precautions, right?

Today we will talk about points such as taking care of the vehicle, both externally and internally, keeping it smelling good and shiny — but without glitter! — and also ways to have total protection after getting out of the car and falling into the trap; So check it out with us!

Caring for your vehicle

The first thing we’re going to bring you are the famous tips on how to take care of your car post-Carnival. In other words, let’s talk about points that mainly revolve around cleaning. After all, no one deserves to drive around with their car smelling like beer or with glitter all over it until the following year, right?

And it all starts with some points that we won’t separate into topics like the others, but that we recommend just as much! So be sure to wash the car, give the bodywork a good polish, clean the vehicle completely, sanitize the engine with a trusted professional, clean the seats and carry out an inspection in advance to prevent a simple problem from disturbing your moment of happiness.

This applies whether you want to hit the road to travel, or if you’re going to stay where you live and just move to the blocks, ok?

That said, see below and other tips we have for taking care of your vehicle:

How to remove the glitter that remains after the party

It’s not news to anyone that the party is marked by lots of glitter and different sparkles. But despite being very beautiful in costumes and clothes, in the car he is a terror of a greater brand. Did you know that, at this time, app drivers can charge customers an extra fee if they leave dirt in the car?

But your joy is that we’ve come up with a golden tip so you can avoid this problem in your car, regardless of whether you’re a ride-hailing driver or just giving rides to other people.

The first tip is to use a soft bristle brush and then use the vacuum cleaner on the seats, rugs and carpet. This will help a lot, but we still have a lot to clean up! Don’t forget that, before vacuuming the leather (if your car seat is made of this material), you need to wipe it with a damp cloth, ok?

Neutral detergent is also a great help for leather seats, but you need to use it with water and apply it with a soft cloth. Avoid coconut soap or other products, as they can stain or dry out the fabric.

As for carpet and rugs, the most recommended thing is to remove all excess with a brush, vacuum and then clean with soap until everything comes off.

If you prefer, you can take it to a specialized company and they will provide that talent to your vehicle to avoid headaches on your side!

How to get rid of the beer smell

When caring for your automobile, it’s important to know how to eliminate any residual beer scent. Of course, we do not encourage you to drive while intoxicated; nevertheless, if a coworker drinks in your car and spills it, the odor may linger for a long time, which would be terrible, right?

Vinegar is an effective approach to get rid of the stench. Because it has a high concentration of acetic acid, it behaves similarly to disinfectants, deodorizers, and degreasers, which will be quite beneficial to you!

All you need to do is leave a cloth moistened with this product (preferably white alcohol vinegar) for a whole day and this will be enough to remove all unwanted smells from your vehicle.

Two other tips, which now involve fruit, are to leave citrus fruit peels until they dry, or place an apple cut into four pieces inside the vehicle until it dries. This way, they will neutralize and absorb the smell, regardless of what it is.

These are the three most recommended and are suitable for any smell as well; Apply the one you prefer, or is best for you, and see the difference it will make!

Increase your protection

More than just taking care after the party, there are some ways to protect your car during Carnival , and we’ve listed them all below!

See how to increase your protection and peace of mind with our tips:

Avoid very busy streets

It is very common for you to find several busy streets, stopped due to traffic or closed for street blocks to take place. Therefore, the first tip is to look for the route before leaving home and check whether you will pass through a crowded place or not. Avoid crowded streets and crowds, as they are a danger to drivers and pedestrians.

If you encounter revelers, take good care of defensive driving, keeping more distance to the cars in front and avoiding walking too close to the sides of other vehicles and people.

Have a good place to park

In the tips on how to protect your car , another important point to pay attention to is having a good place to park your vehicle. After all, you’re not going to be moving around the blocks on wheels, are you?

Avoid leaving it in open spaces, giving preference to closed parking lots. But if there is no space and you have to leave it on the street, choose well-lit environments facing places with cameras and doormen. Also check that there will be no change in the traffic flow or any street blocks in place, all to avoid possible surprises.

Alcohol and driving don’t mix!

This is a point that should not even be mentioned as it is prohibited by law and considered a traffic crime, depending on the degree. Therefore, it is something that should not be done.

So, if you are going to drink, don’t drive ! Look for a ride or request a trip on driver apps, but never get in the car after drinking any amount of alcohol. This is the most effective way to avoid various consequences caused by drunk driving, such as traffic accidents that can cause various problems.


Taking care of your car during Carnival requires a combination of preventive measures and effective post-event cleaning strategies. Before heading out, ensure your vehicle is in top condition by performing thorough cleaning and maintenance checks. To avoid glitter remnants, use a soft bristle brush and vacuum, and for stubborn smells like beer, utilize vinegar or citrus peels.

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