What do the logos of automobile brands mean?

The logos of automobile brands are of great importance for vehicles. Even though the vehicle cannot be seen physically, all the features of that brand come to mind when people come across its logo. Everything, positive or negative, can be considered about many details such as the vehicle’s model, colors, comfort of use, and interior design. So logos give many messages about cars.

Although it may not be noticeable at first glance, there are extremely interesting stories behind the purchased logos. So, what do the emblems integrated with the vehicles tell us? What else should come to mind when you see a logo? Let’s get an idea about what car brands mean!


Every vehicle logo carries a story. These logos are not chosen randomly by the manufacturers. On the contrary, it emerges as a result of long thoughts, ideas and creative designs. Vehicle logos not only contribute to the strengthening of companies, but also manage to increase competition between manufacturers. Although some people think that logos are designed with random or deep meaning, this is not actually the case.

On the contrary, a deeply ingrained culture, mystery, and tradition may exist behind the logos. As a result, a good vehicle logo benefits the relevant organization in many ways, particularly in terms of status. So, what do renowned automotive company logos mean? Let’s see!


Audi stands out as a luxury German company founded by August Horch in 1909. There is a lot of curiosity about what the Audi logo, which is used with great pleasure all over the world, means. Audi takes its name from the German word Horch, which comes from the word “listen”, and is translated into Latin as Audi. In 1932, three different automobile manufacturers, each with a different focus, merged. The Audi logo is then designed based on this combination. As a result, four interlocking rings are formed.


The origin of the BMW logo, another of the world’s most well-known automobiles, dates back to 1912 with the Bavarian Motor Company. On the other hand, the BMW brand also has ties with aviation from years ago. It is also said that the logo, which includes BMW’s target sign, symbolizes white propellers in the blue sky. The blue and white BMW logo also contains the colors of Bavaria. It is also thought that the colors were designed to honor the region in question.


Ferrari, one of the most luxurious vehicles in the world, has a prancing horse symbol in its logo. Count Francesso, a popular Italian pilot during World War I, comes here from Baracca. There is a print of the design in question next to Baracca’s plane, which is symbolized as a hero by the Italian people. According to what is said, the horse symbol is suggested to be used by Baracca’s parents to bring luck to Enzo Ferrari, known as the founder of Ferrari, after his death. The yellow background of the logo in question also expresses the color of the Italian city where Enzo was born. The green, white and red on the logo contain the national colors of the country.


The story of the Ford logo, which has a simple and elegant design, is also frequently researched. The Ford logo, which has undergone minimal changes over the years, has survived since 1972. The story of the logo, which has been around since 1972, is interesting. Designed by Ford Chief Engineer Childe Harold Wills, this logo includes the signature of Henry Ford, the founder of the company. The white color used in the text in the logo represents both clarity and purity.


Although the Hyundai logo looks like a giant italicized letter H, it’s basically not! The sign in question symbolizes 2 people shaking hands. The two people in question are said to be the company’s representative and its customers. This indicates the strong relationship between the automobile manufacturer and the customer. The Hyundai logo, which is a meaningful logo, attracts a lot of attention.


Mercedes Benz is one of the brands whose logo makes people wonder what it means. The brand, which has stood out with its three-pointed star symbol for years, represents the reflection of the company’s powerful engines that will dominate both on land, at sea and in the air.


The intersecting ellipses in the Toyota logo express the strong trust the company has with its customers. At the same time, the ellipses in the logo also represent the initials of Toyota and include all the letters in the company’s name. The white part between the ellipses is also expressed as the expression of the unlimited potential of the brand for the future.


Togg, our country’s first domestic and electronic vehicle, announced the meaning of its logo in December 2021. Accordingly, the meaning of the logo is determined by the 2 component arrows in the middle and east, and is stated as “The meeting of East and West, the intersection of today and the future”. The Togg logo, which has a simple and eye-catching appearance, has an impact that can be remembered by everyone.


It is often wondered what the simple and catchy logo of Volkswagen, the world-favorite German automobile brand, means. The logo is a combination of the initials of the German words Volks, meaning people, and Wagen, meaning cars. Enclosing these two letters in a circle emphasizes the value of community and inclusivity of the brand in question.

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