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Things to do if you have to change your tire on the road 

Tires, which are among the most important parts of the vehicle, may burst due to some reasons. The solutions that can be found in this situation, which puts drivers in a difficult situation, especially in heavy traffic, are important for the continuity of the flow. Although they are known as the brakes that enable the car to stop, it is actually the tires that do this. Tires that transfer the power of the engine to the road provide the best performance for your vehicle, regardless of road and climate conditions. You can ensure your safety by making choices with quality roadholding, especially on wet surfaces.

After choosing a solid product, you can benefit from some small tips to replace suddenly flat tires as soon as possible. After minor or major damage, the air inside the tire is released, causing the tire to remain on the rim. Although it is easier to deal with the situation when it is parked, you can change the tire under any circumstances by paying attention to small details.

Maintaining calm:

When you have a flat tire on a busy or stationary road, you can first intervene in the situation by remaining calm. Encountering problems that require tire replacement often happens to all drivers. Factors such as untidy roads and the presence of sharp objects such as glass or nails cause the tire to be damaged and replaced. In these cases, it is necessary to focus on the most appropriate solution according to the road condition and vehicle traffic. You can make your change at the most convenient place by staying calm in traffic. Controlling your reflexes while driving and maintaining steering control allows you to safely go to the location you have determined.

The importance of having tools:

You should have certain tools in your vehicle for every situation. In addition to a spare tire in case of emergency, tools such as jack reflector and wheel nut wrench provide you convenience. In addition, small equipment such as flashlights and batteries suitable for night driving situations are required during replacement. Apart from these, a wedge of appropriate size is also needed to fix the wheels. Considering cold weather, accessories such as raincoats and gloves are among the equipment required to protect drivers. Regular air checks of the spare tire will provide you with comfort in possible situations.

Positioning of warning signs:

Warning signs are of vital importance, especially when changing flat tires in traffic. Signs that attract attention in all circumstances, such as flashlights and reflectors, are positioned 30 meters to 150 meters away from the vehicle. Warning signs, which must be in the trunk of every vehicle to prevent accidents , ensure safety when positioned in the right place. Before placing these signs, you can also warn that there is a problem by lighting the vehicle’s quads. Thanks to these tools, which become increasingly important during long journeys, you can safely change your tire and continue on your way.

Adjusting the appropriate air pressure:

After the tire is changed, the pressure level appropriate to the characteristics of each vehicle is measured. Dimensions determined by taking into account the weight and load capacity of the vehicle are considered standard. The measurements written in the vehicle user manuals or on the interior of the vehicle give you an idea of ​​how much air pressure will be.

After the change, you can check these measurements by visiting the nearest gas station. You can continue your journey safely by ensuring the ideal air pressure in all sudden and slowly developing tire problems. In the meantime, it would be useful to check the suitability of  the spare tires for long distance use.

Getting support:

If you do not have experience in changing tires, you can call the authorized services and ask for support. It is important that the tire is seated properly once it is installed. For this reason, it is beneficial to get support from authorized services. In addition, vehicles with roadside assistance can benefit from these services free of charge at certain rates.

Some companies may also provide towing support to drivers in case of tire bursts. You can ensure that the process runs more efficiently by knowing these details in advance in order to be prepared for sudden situations. Even if you save the numbers you need for help in your phone, you can also have them in writing. This detail provides convenience when your phone is not charged.

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