Things to Consider When Buying Electric Motorcycles and Bicycles

Electric motorcycles and bicycles can be ideal companions for you to add comfort to your daily transportation routine or to turn to an environmentally friendly transportation alternative. So, do you know what conditions you should consider when using or using electric two-wheelers?

Are you looking for a fun ride with strong torque and fast starts, or an option equipped with aesthetics and the latest technological features? Stepping into the world of electric bicycles and motorcycles offers individuals the opportunity to consider personal freedom and ecological balance together. These modern vehicles promise to deliver a balance of style and performance that truly represents their users.

When choosing an electric motorcycle or bicycle, you should remember to consider range, design, performance, charging options and brake type. Offering an environmentally friendly and economical alternative, these two-wheeled electric vehicles are full of features that will make every ride comfortable and enjoyable. Come on, meet electric bikes and electric motorcycles to be the hero of your own journey! Of course, first you need to know what conditions and needs arise when it comes to these vehicles.

1. Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Motor

Since you are here, you should have researched whether a license is required to use which electric motors. But let’s say it again. There is no driver’s license requirement to drive vehicles with an engine power of less than 250 watts (W) and referred to as “light electric motors”. However, for heavy electric motorcycles with an engine power of 250W and higher, an M class or B class driver’s license is required. Of course, you must be over 16 years of age to use any electric motor, whether light or heavy.

When choosing an electric motorcycle, it is very important to find the balance of style and performance that appeals to you, as well as making a choice that suits your driving license qualification. Are you looking for a journey that starts with strong torque and speed? Maybe an option with stylish design and advanced technological features appeals to you more. In addition, you should not forget to plan your budget wisely along with long-term savings and environmentally friendly use. This time, we are here with information about electric motors in terms of things to consider when buying an electric vehicle !

1.1. Range

The range of electric motorcycles is a critical factor you should consider when purchasing. Whether you prefer these vehicles for daily trips or long journeys, you should be looking for an e-motorcycle that offers the range to meet your needs. You should consider your ordinary driving habits and be careful to choose a motorcycle with a range that will allow you to travel from start to finish without worrying about looking for electric vehicle charging stations while on the road .

1.2. Performance and Power

The performance of an electric motorcycle is one of the most important factors along with its range. Power, torque and speed are listed as factors to be considered in this regard. Torque is related to acceleration ability, with higher torque meaning a faster start. The speed of the electric motorcycle depends on the power of the engine and the total weight of the vehicle. The motorcycle you choose should have the power to meet your needs. You can choose a motorcycle that provides the performance you want by considering maximum speed, acceleration and handling.

1.3. Design and Features

When choosing an electric motorcycle, you should also pay attention to the design and technical features and look for a model that suits your personal style and needs. After all, seat comfort, ergonomics and general aesthetics are also important along with road performance. Apart from this, you should also look at technological features such as regenerative braking, digital displays, and smartphone integration.

Security, of course, should not be forgotten. You should review basic security features such as alarm, immobilizer, and motion detection sensor. In your search for a comfortable and ergonomic riding experience, you can make the best choice by taking into account the dimensions of the motorcycle.

1.4. Charging Options and Charging Time

Another important factor you should not forget when choosing an electric motorcycle is the charging time. If you do not have the opportunity to charge your vehicle for a long time at home or in an area very close to where you live, you can choose models with fast charging features. You should also consider suitable charging options for ease of use. You should look out for standardized chargers and consider removable batteries for safety.

1.5. Brake Type

E-motorcycles, which are among the electric vehicle types , usually have drum brakes as standard. However, disc brakes are frequently preferred in high-end models. However, there are a limited number of motorcycles with anti-lock braking systems such as ABS. When buying an electric motorcycle, it is important to look at its braking capabilities depending on your riding style and preferences. This should be a big consideration when buying an electric motorcycle, especially if you’re looking for more adventurous rides or challenging off-road experiences.

1.6. Budget

Of course, the price factor is also important when choosing an electric motorcycle. You should find a model that suits your budget, but you should not ignore performance. Remember, your electric motorcycle will essentially be an investment and a long-term friend for you. Although myths about electric vehicles create the opposite belief, the use and maintenance of electric motorcycles is generally more economical than gasoline alternatives in the long run. You can balance your budget by taking your savings potential into account.

2. Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Bicycle

As you know – or learned above – electric bicycles with an engine power of 250W and below do not require a driver’s license because they are considered within the same scope as standard bicycles according to the Highway Traffic Regulation. If you are over the age of 16 and are considering buying an electric bike with a motor power of less than 250 W, you can buy the model you want and go straight to the road without the need for a driver’s license, registration or license plate.

Just like electric cars and motorcycles, you should consider your intended use and driving style when choosing an electric bike. Range is important for city trips, and weight is important for fun adventures. You should also consider factors such as battery size and power, battery capacity, maximum speed, weight, brakes and engine location. Fortunately, whatever your preference, electric bicycles stand out as both an environmentally friendly and easy-to-maintain option. So, let’s take a more detailed look at the things to consider when buying an electric bike:

2.1. Intended Use and Driving Style

As mentioned above, you can choose the range of the electric bike depending on your intended use. In other words, the range of your electric bike should suit your riding style and intended use. A standard e-bike can offer a range of up to approximately 100 kilometers on a single charge. You can make the right choice by focusing on factors such as carrying capacity, comfort and safety features according to your needs.

2.2. Battery Size and Power

One of the important points you should pay attention to when buying an e-bike is the power and size of the battery. Battery life in new e-bikes varies between 2-5 years, and these models can withstand thousands of charging cycles. LiFePO4 (LFP) type lithium ion batteries offer a longer shelf and usage life than other types of lithium ion batteries (e.g. NMC Batteries).

E-bike batteries, which convert the chemical energy in the battery into kinetic energy and are positioned as a part of the battery, are generally one of the most costly components and replacement costs can reach high amounts. In summary, when choosing an electric bike, you can choose models that suit your budget and needs in terms of battery and side components.

2.3. Speed

Speed ​​is also a very important factor in your choices. In order to reach the speed you need, you can stay away from low-power e-bikes. You can check the maximum speed and performance specifications before making your decision, thus avoiding disappointment later. Electric bicycles, which do not require a driver’s license, generally have a power of approximately 250 watts and can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h. However, for greater speed, a driver’s license is required.

2.4. Weight

Weight may be another determining factor when choosing an e-bike, depending on your riding purpose and style. For example; If you are going to use the electric motorcycle on flat roads without reaching high speeds, lightweight models may be suitable for you. However, for ideal performance on slopes and maneuvers, the heaviest models in their class will be a more suitable option. You can make a comfortable and safe choice by taking your own weight into account.

2.5. Brakes

The lifespan of electric bicycle brakes, like all other components, varies depending on usage conditions and production quality. While rim brakes generally last about 5 thousand kilometers, disc brakes are more durable and can last up to 10 thousand kilometers without the need for replacement.

2.6. Engine Position

Motors are the heart of electric bikes! In models produced in the past, the engines were fixed close to the front wheel. However, manufacturers are focusing on performance in new models and turning to pedal-frame engine systems. Some innovative models are even equipped with built-in sensors that can measure speed, pressure and rotation. In summary, engine position can affect your driving experience. Therefore, you should choose carefully.

2.7. Budget

Although this is our last item, it is of great importance that you first clearly determine your budget when purchasing an electric bike. Because the budget you can allocate for an electric bike will be a key factor affecting both your initial and final decision. On the other hand, the maintenance costs of electric bicycles are quite reasonable. This is possible because it contains fewer moving parts and requires less maintenance than conventional motor vehicles. So you don’t have to worry about maintenance when buying an e-bike. You can review the models you can buy depending on your entire usage process.

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