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Maintenance of your car is very important! 8 tips for automobile maintenance and repair

If you want your vehicle to have a long life, you should not neglect its maintenance, but there are some tasks that need to be done other than annual maintenance. Thanks to these, you can reduce the risk of damage to the car and prevent many negative situations. First of all, you need to know your car and accordingly you can get involved in maintenance and repair operations. It is important to check your vehicle regularly for both visual and long-lasting operating capacity.

Maintenance and repair of the car includes some operations that will be carried out by both experts and you. For serious situations and operations requiring equipment, you can get support from experts in the field, but there are some operations you can also do. Tools are important to everyone. It is now much easier to go from one place to another with the use of a vehicle.

Therefore, the need for a vehicle becomes a valid situation for everyone. It becomes easier to go to work, spend time outside and travel by using a vehicle, but in order to ensure continuity, the vehicle must be checked regularly and necessary maintenance must be provided.


If you ensure regular maintenance and repairs of your car, you can have a longer-lasting vehicle. Of course, this is not the only factor because the model, age and features of the vehicle are decisive, but if you want a good and long-lasting vehicle in every way, you need to perform daily, weekly, monthly and annual maintenance. Especially annual maintenance is mandatory and necessary for regular control of vehicles.

Annual maintenance is carried out by experts, but you can perform daily, weekly and monthly vehicle maintenance yourself. In this way, you can get an idea about your vehicle and notice many damages earlier. Regular maintenance of automobiles is something everyone can do. In other words, you do not need to have detailed knowledge about the vehicle or understand the mechanical systems of the vehicles.


Many factors affect the maintenance of the car. The first of these is the age of the car. The older a car is, the more frequently it needs to be serviced. Since old vehicles have been used for a long time, certain parts can be changed and adjusted. Noticing these will prevent further damage to many different parts of the vehicle. You should regularly monitor the mileage of the vehicle along with its age.

The more distance a vehicle travels, the more likely it is that many of its parts will wear out. In addition, not using the vehicle at all is also a problem. It is important to act knowing that the parts that make up the vehicle are mechanical parts. The characteristics of automobiles affect the maintenance and repairs to be performed on them, but some daily maintenance is valid for every vehicle. In this way, you can perform regular maintenance regardless of the brand and model of your vehicle.


Car maintenance is something that all car owners should do. You don’t need to be an expert for daily and weekly car maintenance. As you explore your vehicle, you can better understand its problems. At the same time, your risk of getting stuck on the road is reduced. In fact, regular car maintenance also has positive economic effects.

  • Check your tires

Tires carry a vehicle and care is taken to ensure that they are in the correct form. You can check the four currently used tires every day. The texture of the tires will give you an idea. You can also test tire pressures once a month. Both the damage and air pressure of the tires should be examined. In addition, check your spare tire regularly. The spare tire saves you time in an emergency and you can continue on the road easily. It is recommended to vary tires and keep them in reserve for both summer and winter. In this way, you can change your tires regularly. This also extends tire life.

  • Watch out for windshield wipers!

It is one of the parts that must be constantly checked along with air change. Check to see if your wiper is working, especially if you live in an area with constant weather changes. If you do this every day, you can be better prepared for many problems. If the windshield wiper does not work, rain and snow falling on the vehicle’s windshield cannot be prevented. In this case, you cannot see what is ahead of you and driving the vehicle becomes risky.

Windshield wipers can be worn in cold weather and precautions can be taken to prevent them. In this way, your windshield wiper can work more easily even in the coldest times. Meanwhile, inspect the wiper fluid and rubber. If the wiper blade is dirty, clean it so that your vision will become much cleaner.

  • Don’t get stuck on the road with fuel control!

You should always check the fuel of your vehicle. If fuel is not checked, your vehicle may remain stranded and you cannot go where you want. By doing this every day, you can also be informed about the condition of your vehicle in the car. When there is a malfunction in the engine compartment of a car, this may be reflected in fuel consumption. The vehicle begins to consume heavy fuel and is noticed. Get more information about possible problems with your vehicle by checking its fuel every day.

  • Change air filters regularly

Car air filters should be checked regularly, if not every day. With this control, the air entering the vehicle actually becomes cleaner and maintains this feature for a long time. Air filters may become dirty due to external factors. These filters are replaceable parts and you can extend the life of the vehicle by replacing them regularly.

How often you can change air filters actually depends on your vehicle usage. If you use the vehicle in dusty locations, the frequency of filter replacement may increase. It is also easy to understand that the air filter needs to be changed. You can look at the filter and if you see that it is getting closer to the black color, you can change it. 

  • For your health, do not neglect brake control

Braking is one of the most important parts when driving a vehicle. While it allows you to stop the vehicle immediately in sudden situations, it is also involved in the movement of the vehicle, but a brake that does not work properly can bring many risks. It poses a risk especially in terms of accidents and you can check your brakes every day by getting in your vehicle. Apart from this, brake tests are also carried out under expert supervision.

Just as you can perform brake tests yourself regularly, you can have your vehicle brake tested at 6-monthly or annual maintenance. The brake must not only be faultless but also operate at full performance. You can learn detailed information about these with the brake test. 

  • It is possible to extend engine life with oil control.

You can frequently check the oil filter inside the vehicle. There are many moving parts in automobiles. These parts maintain the same performance with oil. This decrease in performance may actually be due to lack of oil. When there is not enough oil, the engine and many of its associated parts lose their mechanics. In this case, parts may break down and engine replacement may be required. All of these are very costly procedures. Therefore, you can provide oil control and oil support to protect the vehicle engine and extend its life. You can prevent many possible problems by examining situations such as oil contact. 

  • Inspect seat belts and airbags

Seat belts are necessary to keep you and your loved ones safe. A similar situation is the duty of airbags in case of an accident. Since you never know when an accident will occur, it would be advantageous to regularly inspect the airbag and seat belt. In this way, you can protect your life and the lives of many people. 

  • Learn and check the meanings of vehicle light indicators

The light systems in vehicles are generally similar, but you need to master all of these systems. The colors of the rays on the indicator indicate a problem or a positive situation. Red color symbolizes malfunctions, green color indicates that the function is active. The use of white color is for hint and suggestion purposes and the use of blue color indicates high beam. When it is yellow or orange, it indicates the need for control.

You can detect the problems in your vehicle by checking your vehicle regularly. You can learn about some problems by getting to know your vehicle. You can also do regular maintenance yourself.

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