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How to Increase the Range and Travel Time of Your Electric Vehicle?

Are you considering switching to electric vehicles but are undecided about the range? It is normal to worry about this, especially if you have to travel long distances within the city every day or if you frequently travel between cities. Fortunately, there is not one but more than one answer to the question of how to increase the range of electric cars!

The range of electric vehicles (EV) leaves many potential EV buyers in a dilemma. On the other hand, according to most electric vehicle users, the range of EVs is quite sufficient. So, for those who disagree, is it possible to increase the range of electric cars? As you have already realized, the answer to this question is yes! To achieve this, it is first necessary to understand the electric vehicle battery and its usage. Because the range of electric vehicles is directly related to their charging levels. So, it’s time to examine the suggestions that will increase the range of electric vehicles!

1. Pay Attention to Your Driving Style

Driving style is one of the most important factors affecting the range ofelectric vehicles . In order to maintain the range and even reach more kilometers (km) than normal, it is necessary to adopt an ideal driving style. For this reason, it is of great importance to avoid sudden movements and comply with general vehicle usage rules. For example; If you constantly accelerate or brake suddenly while driving your electric vehicle, you may naturally cause the range to shorten. To avoid this situation, you should always maintain an ideal speed balance and drive carefully and smoothly.

By putting your electric vehicle in ECO mode, you can optimize acceleration and braking in terms of energy. It is beneficial to pay extra attention to this topic in order to both extend the distance you can travel with your electric vehicle and to protect yourself from possible dangers.

2. Choose the Right Tire

Although it is not well known, tire selection and condition are extremely effective on the range of electric vehicles. To increase the range of the electric motor, it is necessary to choose tires with low rolling resistance. In this way, the amount of energy consumed by the tire decreases and the range distance can be extended. On the other hand, tires that are not inflated to the correct pressure create more resistance, which negatively affects the charging capacity, that is, the condition of the battery, in electric vehicles .

When tires are not inflated to the correct pressure, the battery has to work harder to maintain ideal power. In this case, the range and travel time naturally shorten. Some tire models designed for electric vehicles provide a certain kilometer more range per battery charge. In this case, it is possible to increase the range effortlessly with a small move and use the electric vehicle in the most efficient way.

3. Get Rid of Excessive Burdens

The weight ratio in the vehicle directly increases the amount of energy consumed. For this reason, in order to increase the range of electric cars, it is necessary to get rid of excess and unnecessary loads on the vehicle. This can include items you put in your side seat, back seat, and trunk. In order to save time or reach your desired location more easily with your vehicle, you should take the unnecessary items you carry with you out of the vehicle and use them only when you really need them. Otherwise, as the energy consumed will increase, you may cause the battery power of your electric vehicle to decrease rapidly and therefore the range to shorten.

It is also beneficial to remove large vehicle accessories such as bike racks and luggage carriers when you are not using them. When you remove these accessories, you can reduce the load on the vehicle and therefore the friction, thus increasing your range by preserving battery power.

4. Balance Battery Temperature

In electric vehicles, the temperature of the battery is also extremely effective on the range. How Does? Let’s explain right away. For example; An electric vehicle battery usually has an ideal operating temperature around 20 to 40 degrees Celsius (°C). However, as can be expected, it is quite difficult to achieve this during the winter months. If the temperature is lower than these average degrees, it affects both charging speed and range. Because as the temperature decreases, the electrochemical processes in the battery slow down. In this case, the battery cannot be charged quickly and, likewise, cannot transmit electrical energy to the moving parts at a sufficient speed during operation.

On the other hand, in EVs parked outdoors or in cold garages, the battery temperature is the same as the surrounding temperature. In this case, electric vehicles need to use a large amount of energy to reheat the battery. Therefore, these situations affect the range distance. Battery management systems can be used to balance the battery temperature. Recommendations such as pre-heating the battery and parking the car in an ideal temperature environment, if possible, also help balance the battery temperature.

5. Turn Off Unnecessary Features

Just like excess loads that add weight to the vehicle, turning off unnecessary features in the vehicle’s hardware can also help increase the range of EVs. You can turn down the air conditioning and heating or turn them off completely when not needed. This way you can help increase the range of your electric car. One of the advantages of electric vehicles is the ability to easily increase the range by managing these features! If you want to get maximum benefit in this regard, you can choose not to use items such as radio, interior lights and windshield wipers, which have a small impact on battery performance. Of course, without causing any risk factors!

6. Avoid Bad Road Situations

Apart from vehicle features and usage, road conditions also greatly affect the range of electric cars. For example; It is inevitable that the range of the vehicle will decrease rapidly on a route where there is a continuous ramp. In this case, it is necessary to find different suitable routes if possible. If this is not possible, driving slowly in risky road conditions, choosing a constant low speed when going uphill, and using gliding mode when going downhill can increase the range. Fortunately, you can increase the range of your electric vehicle and your travel time by choosing flat, smooth and comfortable roads.

7. Pay Attention to Weather Conditions

Weather conditions are among the environmental factors that affect battery efficiency and therefore range. If the temperature is below 10 degrees or above 30 degrees, it may prevent the battery from working at full capacity. At the same time, the wind factor can cause the charge to decrease more quickly due to intense friction. In order to avoid a negative experience regarding
the effect of weather on vehicle charging, it is necessary to set out in conditions suitable for long urban routes or intercity trips. In ideal weather conditions, it is possible to keep the range of the electric vehicle as long as possible, especially by paying attention to the above recommendations.

8. Don’t Neglect Regular Maintenance

Problems occurring in the engine or any other part of electric vehicles can cause the battery to discharge quickly. In this case, of course, the range inevitably becomes shorter. So much so that neglecting the maintenance of electric vehicles may cause no extra efficiency in terms of range even if all the above recommendations are implemented. For this reason, it is necessary to have the routine checks of electric cars carried out at regular intervals without interruption. At the same time, seasonal maintenance and tire maintenance are of great importance in increasing the range and travel time of EVs.

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